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TOEFL iBT® Test Basics

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ALGORITAM CENTAR is part of Educational Testing Service, the world's largest private educational testing and measurement organization.

The TOEFL iBT® test is given in English and administered via the Internet. There are four sections (listening, reading, speaking and writing) which take a total of about four and a half hours to complete.

Combining All Four Skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing

During the test, you are asked to perform tasks that combine more than one skill, such as:

  • Read, listen and then speak in response to a question

  • Listen and then speak in response to a question

  • Read, listen and then write in response to a question

TOEFL iBT Test Sections


Time Limit




60–80 minutes

36–56 questions

Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.<


60–90 minutes

34–51 questions

Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answer questions.


10 minutes


20 minutes

6 tasks

Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.


50 minutes

2 tasks

Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing.


The test you take may include extra questions in the Reading or Listening section that do not count toward your score. These are either questions that enable ETS to make test scores comparable across administrations or new questions that help ETS determine how such questions function under actual testing conditions.

Please read the timing instructions for the Reading Section carefully. The instructions will indicate how many passages you will receive and the amount of time you have to respond to questions for those passages. Be sure to pace yourself so that you have time to answer all the questions

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