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Едуктивен Центар АЛГОРИТАМ

Интернетот е насекаде, се е поврзано, мрежите се насекаде и затоа мора да сте квалификувани.


Едукативен центар АЛГОРИТАМ

За прв пат во Македонија секој ученик по завршувањето на средното образование во ПСУ Алгоритам центар, добива и сертификат за завршена CISCO Академија

Cisco Networking Academy е глобална образовна програма која им овозможува на студентите развивање на основни ИТ способности потребни за проектирање, изградба и управување со мрежи и примена на напредни алатки за решавање проблеми

Quotes/Цитати од студенти на CISCO Networking Academy

Success is a "Success is a journey not a desti "Success is a journey not a desti" Success is a journey not a destination. I will continue to blaze the trail in the Cisco Networking Academy and champion it to greater heights. Thank you Cisco for making my dreams come true". Donna Kopyio - Academy graduate: Kenya"

I enjoyed every minute of my courses. When I left my house to go to the Academy I felt I was doing something for myself for the first time in years. For me, the course was like a gym for the brain. You are always looking forward to the next lesson. It's almost like an addiction!". Ana Dankman - Academy graduate: Israel"

Networking Academy has given me the skills to embark on a new career path and hope for unlimited potential in the future!". Sarah Strickling - Student: United States

"Networking Academy has allowed me to help others achieve their dreams, provide for their families, and gain self confidence. By helping others, I am achieving one of my life goals". Cheryl Schmidt - Instructor: United States"

"Studying at the Cisco Networking Academy really helped me to get a job. It gave me the possibility to get to grips with the task in hand straight from the get-go. Indeed, the program was the ideal preparation for the enterprise environment, unlike other training courses". Christophe Fauveau - Academy graduate: France

Интернетот е насекаде, се е поврзано, мрежите се насекаде и затоа мора да сте квалификувани.